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Table 1 Sequence coverage at variable nucleotide positions between eIF4E sequences in the ATL07 and ATLWT plants. Sequence coverages of the eIF4E pvr12 mutations (T209A, G245T, A334G) are represented in bold. Raw depth corresponds to the total nucleotide count at each position. A1 represents the most frequent nucleotide observed at that position and A2 the second most abundant. The relative abundance of each nucleotide is shown in parentheses

From: Overexpression of a modified eIF4E regulates potato virus Y resistance at the transcriptional level in potato

Raw DepthA1Depth (%)A2Depth (%)Raw DepthA1Depth (%)A2Depth (%)
68978C976 (99.8)G1 (0.1)130C107 (82.3)G22 (16.9)
78987A973 (98.6)G13 (1.3)168A128 (76.2)G40 (23.8)
1312233C2207 (98.8)T20 (0.9)602C454 (75.4)T146 (24.3)
1441530A1503 (98.2)G27 (1.8)521G270 (51.8)A251 (48.2)
165182A163 (89.6)G18 (9.9)301G300 (99.7) 
2091538A1464 (95.2)T71 (4.6)611T611 (100) 
2452924G2847 (97.4)T72 (2.5)590T587 (99.5) 
2793009T2946 (97.9)G60 (2.0)646G394 (61.0)T250 (38.7)
3342240A2144 (95.7)G90 (4.0)702G695 (99.0) 
4137614A7359 (96.6)G245 (3.2)1487G1469 (98.8) 
4197464T7357 (98.6)C98 (1.3)1436T886 (61.7)C550 (38.3)
462494A466 (94.3)T27 (5.5)427T372 (87.1)A54 (12.6)
4802302C2250 (97.7)T48 (2.1)797T566 (71.0)C231 (29.0)
4867114C6972 (98.0)T137 (1.9)1489T1252 (84.1)C233 (15.6)
5238630T8559 (99.2)G59 (0.7)1376T1035 (75.2)G338 (24.6)
616316T294 (93.0)C21 (6.6)370C220 (59.5)T149 (40.3)
618316C281 (88.9)T35 (11.1)381T359 (94.2) 
6451210C1172 (96.9)T37 (3.1)351T286 (81.5)C64 (18.2)
6481440T1386 (96.2)C51 (3.5)337C331 (98.2) 
6903415C3398 (99.5)A17 (0.5)64A61 (95.3)