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Table 2 Novel lncRNA contigs with strongest evidence across multiple correlates

From: Pan-tissue transcriptome analysis of long noncoding RNAs in the American beaver Castor canadensis

ContigMeasuremax (RPKM)
Length (nt)MFE (kcal/mol)CoverageBLASTn Alignment Length (%)Intronic
Ccan_OSU1_lncRNA_contig46102.1334− 103.578.42100.00no7.6
Ccan_OSU1_lncRNA_contig46174.1333− 126.516.66100.00no6.5
Ccan_OSU1_lncRNA_contig44966.1341− 149.811.8163.93no48.6
Ccan_OSU1_lncRNA_contig45799.1336− 7716.06100.00no8.0
  1. Underlined text indicates that a particular contig was in the top ten, among all novel lncRNA contigs, for the given column feature (i.e., length, MFE, coverage, or alignment length). The BLASTn alignment length is computed as 100×(length of alignment)/(length of contig). The sixth column (Intronic) reflects whether the contig’s alignment to the reference genome was gapped or not; a “yes” is indicative of a potential excised intron. The last column, max (RPKM), is the maximum RPKM for the contig across all tissues and was not a criteria for inclusion in the table