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Table 1 Model fit and proportion of variance for the FPG level accounted by genetic and environmental parameters

From: Heritability and genome-wide association analyses of fasting plasma glucose in Chinese adult twins

Model Parameters estimates Goodness of fit index
A% (95% CI) D% (95% CI) E% (95% CI) -2LL df AIC χ2 P
ADE 13.34 (0–70.30) 55.01 (0–73.91) 31.64 (25.99–38.51) 1933.448 757 419.4   
AE* 67.66 (60.50–73.62) 32.34 (26.38–39.55) 1936.625 758 420.6 0 1.00
  1. Note: * the best fitted model, which was chosen on the basis of a change in χ2 not representing a significant worsening of fit
  2. FPG fasting plasma glucose; A additive genetic effect; D common or shared environmental effect; E unique environmental or residual effect; −2LL −2 log likelihood; df degree of freedom; AIC Akaike’s information criterion; χ2, difference of χ2 value; P, χ2 test in model fitting