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Table 1 Accession numbers for the different databases used

From: A comparative genomics study of neuropeptide genes in the cnidarian subclasses Hexacorallia and Ceriantharia

Species Subclass Order Database type Accession number
Anemonia viridis Hexacorallia Actiniaria WGS OCZR00000000.1
Anemonia viridis Hexacorallia Actiniaria TSA BBLT00000000.1 GHCD00000000.1
Anthopleura elegantissima Hexacorallia Actiniaria TSA GBXJ00000000.1 GBYC00000000.1
Exaiptasia diaphana Hexacorallia Actiniaria WGS LJWW00000000.1
Exaiptasia diaphana Hexacorallia Actiniaria TSA JV077153-JV134524
Nematostella vectensis Hexacorallia Actiniaria WGS ABAV00000000.1
Nematostella vectensis Hexacorallia Actiniaria TSA HADP00000000.1 HADN00000000.1
Phymanthus crucifer Hexacorallia Actiniaria WGS WUCR0000000.1
Scolanthus callimorphus Hexacorallia Actiniaria TSA GGGE00000000.1
Amplexidiscus fenestrafer Hexacorallia Corallimorpharia WGS PRJNA354436
Corynactis australis Hexacorallia Corallimorpharia TSA GELM00000000.1
Discosoma sp. Hexacorllia Corallimorpharia WGS PRJNA35449
Ricordea yuma Hexacorallia Corallimorpharia TSA GELN00000000.1
Acropora digitifera Hexacorallia Scleractinia WGS BACK00000000.2
Acropora millepora Hexacorallia Scleractinia WGS QTZP00000000.1
Acropora millepora Hexacorallia Scleractinia TSA GHGU00000000.1 GHGM00000000.1 GHGS00000000.1 GHGO00000000.1 GHGH00000000.1 GHGT00000000.1 GHGN00000000.1 GHGQ00000000.1
Montipora capitata Hexacorallia Scleractinia WGS RDEB00000000.1
Montipora capitata Hexacorallia Scleractinia TSA GEFRO00000000.1
Orbicella faveolata Hexacorallia Scleractinia WGS MZGG00000000.1
Pocillopora damicornis Hexacorallia Scleractinia WGS RCHS00000000.1
Pocillopora damicornis Hexacorallia Scleractinia TSA GEFF00000000.1
Porites rus Hexacorallia Scleractinia WGS OKRP00000000.1
Stylophora pistillata Hexacorallia Scleractinia WGS LSTM00000000.1
Stylophora pistillata Hexacorallia Scleractinia TSA GARY00000000.1
Protopalythoa variabilis Hexacorallia Zoantharia TSA GCVI00000000.1
Zoanthus sp. Hexacorallia Zoantharia TSA GGTW00000000.1
Pachycerianthus borealis Ceriantharia Spirularia TSA HAGY00000000.1