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Table 3 Aedes albopictus putative odorant receptor (OR) transcripts

From: Transcriptional variation of sensory-related genes in natural populations of Aedes albopictus

    Ae. aegypti orthologue   Conserved Domains   
Transcript aa   Gene Namea Domain e-value Incompleteb
Aalb-16,280 376 AalbOR2 AAEL005999 OR2 7tm_6 7.27E-47  
Aalb-5943 406 AalbOR4/5 AAEL015147 OR4 7tm_6 9.72E-43  
Aalb-82,460 401 AalbOR6 AAEL017548 OR6 7tm_6 8.39E-37  
Aalb-88,204 479 AalbOR7/ORCO AAEL005776 OR7/ORCO 7tm_6 5.66E-41  
Aalb-8503 375 AalbOR10 AAEL006003 OR10 7tm_6 3.27E-43  
Aalb-95,352 420 AalbOR11 AAEL011583 OR11 7tm_6 8.93E-31  
Aalb-83,056 389 AalbOR13 AAEL008368 OR13 7tm_6 9.68E-28  
Aalb-9257 390 AalbOR15 AAEL008448 OR15 7tm_6 4.23E-18  
Aalb-92,214 400 AalbOR18/19 AAEL017017 OR19 7tm_6 2.49E-13  
Aalb-84,246 396 AalbOR20 AAEL004966 OR20 7tm_6 5.72E-12  
Aalb-47,088 396 AalbOR21 AAEL017398 OR21 7tm_6 1.05E-23  
Aalb-17,244 385 AalbOR22/N1c AAEL002479 OR22 7tm_6 1.57E-31 N
Aalb-5704 402 AalbOR23 AAEL001510 OR23 7tm_6 3.88E-16  
Aalb-16,397 395 AalbOR24 AAEL017557 OR24 7tm_6 3.29E-17  
Aalb-19,286 180 AalbOR24-N1 AAEL017557 OR24 C
Aalb-84,055 381 AalbOR25 AAEL003629 OR25 7tm_6 2.53E-18  
Aalb-85,326 401 AalbOR26 AAEL010428 OR26 7tm_6 4.03E-20  
Aalb-88,595 384 AalbOR29 AAEL001310 OR29 7tm_6 1.08E-23 N
Aalb-17,821 384 AalbOR30 AAEL010409 OR30 7tm_6 1.95E-17  
Aalb-84,635 403 AalbOR31 AAEL013217 OR31 7tm_6 9.78E-44  
Aalb-81,229 396 AalbOR33 AAEL017362 OR33 7tm_6 2.66E-36  
Aalb-4286 406 AalbOR39 AAEL005489 OR39 7tm_6 4.01E-42  
Aalb-10,769 391 AalbOR42c AAEL000616 OR41 7tm_6 3.03E-20  
Aalb-80,037 386 AalbOR42-N1 AAEL003045 OR42 7tm_6 6.57E-22  
Aalb-15,665 385 AalbOR44 AAEL006465 OR44 7tm_6 6.17E-23  
Aalb-5267 381 AalbOR45 AAEL000613 OR45 7tm_6 9.44E-22 N
Aalb-18,518 207 AalbOR45-N1 AAEL000613 OR45 7tm_6 2.04E-12 N,C
Aalb-97,870 384 AalbOR47-N2 AAEL017079 OR47 7tm_6 1.40E-27  
Aalb-56,511 170 AalbOR47-N3 AAEL017079 OR47 N,C
Aalb-7041 257 AalbOR50-N1 AAEL010426 OR50 7tm_6 4.01E-03 C
Aalb-5118 421 AalbOR52 AAEL013507 OR52 7tm_6 5.40E-11  
Aalb-70,366 395 AalbOR55 AAEL010415 OR55 7tm_6 3.88E-17  
Aalb-1114 250 AalbOR59 AAEL001342 OR59 C
Aalb-69,237 375 AalbOR62 AAEL011796 OR62 7tm_6 4.34E-11 N
Aalb-4058 286 AalbOR63 AAEL000628 OR63 7tm_6 3.38E-24 N
Aalb-89,176 404 AalbOR63-N2 AAEL000628 OR63 7tm_6 1.01E-23  
Aalb-696 389 AalbOR66 AAEL017227 OR66 7tm_6 4.75E-18  
Aalb-47,052 386 AalbOR69 AAEL001221 OR69 7tm_6 2.53E-12  
Aalb-73,112 199 AalbOR70 AAEL001224 OR70 7tm_6 2.92E-04 N,C
Aalb-10,463 385 AalbOR70-N1 AAEL001224 OR70 7tm_6 7.75E-19  
Aalb-81,174 385 AalbOR70-N2 AAEL001224 OR70 7tm_6 2.71E-17  
Aalb-13,202 422 AalbOR71c AAEL017564 OR18 7tm_6 3.75E-23  
Aalb-6552 412 AalbOR72 AAEL017129 OR72 7tm_6 5.63E-09  
Aalb-5361 412 AalbOR72-N1 AAEL017129 OR72 7tm_6 4.82E-06 S
Aalb-6097 225 AalbOR76 AAEL013418 OR76 7tm_6 6.51E-04 N,C
Aalb-9669 395 AalbOR79 AAEL013420 OR79 7tm_6 7.00E-07  
Aalb-3076 422 AalbOR80 AAEL017221 OR80 7tm_6 2.39E-05  
Aalb-97,462 423 AalbOR81 AAEL017305 OR81 7tm_6 1.43E-08  
Aalb-18,076 353 AalbOR83c AAEL000628 OR63 7tm_6 3.74E-20 N
Aalb-83,353 410 AalbOR84c AAEL004218 OR85 7tm_6 1.81E-3 N
Aalb-89,654 416 AalbOR85c AAEL017043 OR84 7tm_6 5.89E-07  
Aalb-89,563 424 AalbOR87 AAEL017347 OR87  
Aalb-445 353 AalbOR87-N1 AAEL017347 OR87 7tm_6 8.59E-05 N
Aalb-89,562 288 AalbOR87-N2 AAEL017347 OR87 N
Aalb-92,688 408 AalbOR88 AAEL014197 OR88  
Aalb-84,524 123 AalbOR94 AAEL017201 OR94 7tm_6 2.01E-03 N
Aalb-53,071 172 AalbOR94-N1 AAEL017201 OR94 C
Aalb-50,344 283 AalbOR99 AAEL017236 OR99 N
Aalb-96,847 415 AalbOR100 AAEL011409 OR100  
Aalb-26,945 210 AalbOR101 AAEL017050 OR101 N
Aalb-9171 363 AalbOR102 AAEL017143 OR102 7tm_6 9.37E-03 N
Aalb-96,630 405 AalbOR104-N1c AAEL016966 OR104 7tm_6 2.24E-05  
Aalb-17,596 150 AalbOR109 AAEL017028 OR109 N
Aalb-47,815 244 AalbOR110 AAEL016983 OR110 N,C
Aalb-97,176 421 AalbOR111c AAEL017178 OR105 7tm_6 2.97E-03  
Aalb-97,175 420 AalbOR111-N1c AAEL017178 OR105  
Aalb-82,645 418 AalbOR113 AAEL017123 OR113  
Aalb-84,373 157 AalbOR113-N2 AAEL017123 OR113 N,C
Aalb-5235 230 AalbOR115 AAEL017361 OR115 N
Aalb-45,911 169 AalbOR117-N1 AAEL017377 OR117 N
Aalb-15,754 415 AalbOR117-N2 AAEL017377 OR117 7tm_6 6.14E-03 N
Aalb-7651 160 AalbOR117-N3 AAEL017377 OR117 N,C
Aalb-56,571 417 AalbOR117-N4 AAEL017377 OR117 7tm_6 4.45E-04  
Aalb-53,133 421 AalbOR121 AAEL017104 OR121 7tm_6 4.93E-04  
Aalb-16,771 406 AalbOR122 AAEL013563 OR122  
Aalb-71,045 376 AalbOR123 AAEL017537 OR123 7tm_6 2.41E-08  
Aalb-84,576 311 AalbOR125 AAEL013893 OR125 7tm_6 1.92E-05 N
Aalb-86,662 416 AalbOR-N5 AAEL017014 7tm_6 9.49E-05  
Aalb-401 413 AalbOR-N6 AAEL017014 N
Aalb-3853 414 AalbOR-N7 AAEL010669 7tm_6 1.89E-39  
  1. a according to Bohbot and colleagues [64]
  2. b N, C: incomplete at N- and/or C-terminus; S: contains internal stop
  3. cname modified to comply with Lombardo and colleagues [65]