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Table 1 Number of Chemosensory Genes in the Genome of the Two Sister Blister Beetles H. phaleratus and H. cichorii. The numbers in parentheses are the gene numbers from the phylogenetic tree, the full-length genes and pseudogenes

From: Genomic content of chemosensory receptors in two sister blister beetles facilitates characterization of chemosensory evolution

Species ORs GRs IRs/iGluRs
H. phaleratus 89(72/44/20) 86(74/68/9) 45(45/25/6)/12(12/5/1)
H. cichorii 149(130/77/30) 102(87/62/19) 50(50/30/8)/14(14/5/1)
Orthologous pairs
[positively select]
53 [8] 55 [3] 39 [2]/11 [1]