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Table 6 Cultured cell candidates selected for RNAi knockdown in Aag2 cells

From: Transcriptomic analyses of Aedes aegypti cultured cells and ex vivo midguts in response to an excess or deficiency of heme: a quest for transcriptionally-regulated heme transporters

Gene Annotation # TM Dataset Identified in Type of transport
AAEL000417 monocarboxylate transporter 12 A20 Import
AAEL000461 protein_coding 3 A20 Import
AAEL001495 protein_coding 6 Aag2 48 h/A20/Aag2Schn Import
AAEL002557 cationic amino acid transporter 12 Aag2 48 h Export
AAEL003619 Na/Cl dependent amino acid transporter 12 Aag2 L15 Import
AAEL004513 neurotransmitter gated ion channel 3 Aag2 48 h Export
AAEL008664 protein_coding 2 Aag2 48 h/Aag2Schn Export
AAEL012226 protein_coding 4 Aag2 48 h/Aag2Schn Import/Export
AAEL012440 sodium-bile acid cotransporter 10 Aag2 48 h/A20/Aag2L15 Import