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Table 1 The top 5 most differentially expressed genes that are downregulated in difenoconazole-resistant G10 and upregulated in difenoconazole-sensitive P11. The five most upregulated genes in G10 but downregulated in P11. Also, the top 5 most statistically significant transcripts amongst the transcriptome data set are shown

From: Global transcriptomic responses orchestrate difenoconazole resistance in Penicillium spp. causing blue mold of stored apple fruit

Gene Function baseMean Log Fold Change Resistant (G10) Sensitive (P11) Adjusted P value
PEX2_103120 Aldo/keto reductase 280.5 10.64 DOWN UP 6.10092E-22
PEX2_082770 Glucose-methanol-choline oxidoreductase, C-terminal 772.75 9.83 DOWN UP 2.04811E-28
PEX2_090570 hypothetical protein 151.78 9.76 DOWN UP 3.27597E-19
PEX2_063220 hypothetical protein 530.25 9.67 DOWN UP 7.29109E-28
PEX2_087000 HAD-superfamily hydrolase, subfamily IA, variant 3 314.9 9.43 DOWN UP 6.17432E-21
PEX2_038660 hypothetical protein 231.12 −11.5 UP DOWN 4.68733E-24
PEX2_024490 NAD-dependent epimerase/dehydratase 12,942.41 −10.92 UP DOWN 3.5552E-45
PEX2_080600 AMP-dependent synthetase/ligase 2219.3 −10.42 UP DOWN 1.12256E-43
PEX2_089800 hypothetical protein 209.88 −10.06 UP DOWN 2.02213E-26
PEX2_089790 Sterile alpha motif, type 2 79.93 −9.95 UP DOWN 1.93409E-18
PEX2_014150 hypothetical protein 1416.75 −7.9 UP DOWN 9.8643E-129
PEX2_067310 Bicupin, oxalate decarboxylase/oxidase 4486.4 6.61 DOWN UP 1.08E-128
PEX2_013820 Short-chain dehydrogenase/reductase SDR 460.03 −6.8 UP DOWN 2.24942E-93
PEX2_080200 Major facilitator superfamily domain, general substrate transporter 2103.93 −7.25 UP DOWN 1.34062E-88
PEX2_035400 Inositol monophosphatase 2368.63 − 5.4 UP DOWN 4.10718E-81