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Table 5 List of 35 organ-tissue sampled from the two adult cows and two foetuses in the Main Cows dataset

From: Expression of mitochondrial protein genes encoded by nuclear and mitochondrial genomes correlate with energy metabolism in dairy cattle

Tissues/organs Tissues/organs Tissues/organs
Adrenal gland cortex (Adrenal cortex) Lung Spleen
Adrenal gland medulla (Adrenal medulla) Mammary gland (Mammary) Thymus
Omental fat pad (Omental fat) Heart Thyroid gland (Thyroid)
Subcutaneous fat Brain cerebellum Tongue
Kidney cortex Brain stem Blood leukocytes (Leukocytes)
Kidney medulla Brain caudal lobe  
Longissimus thoracic muscle (Loin muscle) Pituitary gland Foetal brain
Semimembranosus muscle (Leg muscle) Placenta Foetal kidney
Intercostal muscle (Rib muscle) Liver Foetal lung
Latissimus dorsi muscle (Msub) Skin black Foetal heart
Mediastinal lymph node (Mediastinal LN) Skin white Foetal liver
Lymph node Ovary Foetal leg muscle