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Table 1 A schedule for capitulum morphogenesis and development stages of C. vestitum

From: Comprehensive transcriptomic analysis provides new insights into the mechanism of ray floret morphogenesis in chrysanthemum

Stage no. Stage name Landmarks of morphological
Stage 1 Vegetative period SAM keeps the conical shape and is wrapped tightly by young leaves
Stage 2 Apical meristem enlargement stage Apical meristem grows and expands, showing hemispherical shape and developing into IM
Stage 3 Bract formation stage Bract primordia start to from at the basal part of IM
Stage 4 Disc floret primordia formation early stage Disc floret primordia showing as small spherical protrusions initiate at the lower part of IM
Stage 5 Ray floret primordia formation early stage Ray floret primordia showing as approximate elliptical protrusions initiate between the bract and the outermost disc floret primordia
Stage 6 Floret primordia formation middle stage Disc floret primordia continue to generate in centripetal differentiated pattern
Stage 7 Floret primordia formation end stage Floret primordia cover the entire dome of capitulum
Stage 8 Petal formation early stage The petal primordia of florets begin to form
Stage 9 Petal formation middle stage Disc floret petals have basically formed, and ray floret petals continue to develop
Stage 10 Petal formation end stage Disc floret petals are mature and ray floret petals continue to elongate