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Table 1 Summarized results from Zhang and Kumar’s (1997) test for dataset 1 (1098 orthologs). For each pairwise comparison, only the high-elevation species are listed. Refer to Fig. 1 for a complete list of species and their relationships

From: Molecular convergent and parallel evolution among four high-elevation anuran species from the Tibetan region

Species set Number of convergent genes Number of parallel genes Total number of convergent/parallel genes
N. parkeri vs B. tibetanus 4 10 12
N. parkeri vs S. boulengeri 7 26 32
R.kukunoris vs B. tibetanus 0 3 3
R. kukunoris vs N. parkeri 3 5 6
R. kukunoris vs S. boulengeri 1 6 6
B. tibetanus vs S. boulengeri 1 13 13