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Table 3 Statistics of differentially expressed genes of samples vs Vd-0 (CK)

From: Transcriptomic analysis of gene expression of Verticillium dahliae upon treatment of the cotton root exudates

ComparisonsNumber of DEGs
Vd-X vs CKVd-X-6 h vs CK209933024602
Vd-X-12 h vs CK199102301
Vd-X-24 h vs CK81411041918
Vd-X-48 h vs CK94811332081
Vd-Z vs CKVd-Z-6 h vs CK181432243896
Vd-Z-12 h vs CK193279472
Vd-Z-24 h vs CK88711282015
Vd-Z-48 h vs CK82012121185
Vd-H vs CKVd-H-6 h vs CK2531554083227
Vd-H-12 h vs CK171306477
Vd-H-24 h vs CK422178600
Vd-H-48 h vs CK71610261742
Vd-W vs CKVd-W-6 h vs CK611141752392
Vd-W-12 h vs CK134189479
Vd-W-24 h vs CK301178626
Vd-W-48 h vs CK3677451112