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Table 4 Genes involved in membrane/cytoskeleton composition and transport that were differentially expressed in future vs. present salinity conditions in F. vesiculosus

From: Gene regulatory response to hyposalinity in the brown seaweed Fucus vesiculosus

Regulatory response to future salinityCategoryGene annotation# of genesGO term Biological process
upmembrane and cytoskeleton compositionmannuroan C-5-epimerase2GO:0016021
acetyl-COA carboxylase1GO:0003989
uptransmembrane transportATPase1GO:0042626
ADP/ATP translocase1GO:0046902
downmembrane and cytoskeleton compositionmannuronan C-5-epimerase9GO:0016021
tubulin proteins (α, β)17GO:0005200 GO:0007010
downtransmembrane transportcation diffusion Facilitator1GO:0008324
voltage-gated Ion Channel2GO:0006813
ABC transporter2GO:0055085