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Fig. 6

From: Genomic evolution of Neisseria gonorrhoeae since the preantibiotic era (1928–2013): antimicrobial use/misuse selects for resistance and drives evolution

Fig. 6

Phylogeny and recombination landscape for viable Neisseria gonorrhoeae isolates (n = 191). The phylogeny (left), with associated level of recombination and era of isolation, is displayed alongside the linearized chromosome of WHO O reference strain (top). Line graph (bottom) shows the recombination profile of all isolates as well as separately for the antimicrobial susceptible and multidrug-resistant clade. The number of recombination nucleotide sites ranged from 213,780–539,280 sites, with a mean number of 388,811 sites and median of 393,987 sites

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