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Fig. 7

From: Genome-wide methylation and transcriptome of blood neutrophils reveal the roles of DNA methylation in affecting transcription of protein-coding genes and miRNAs in E. coli-infected mastitis cows

Fig. 7

Experimental verification of the LGR4 gene in the neutrophil of healthy and mastitic cows. a The schematic diagram of bovine LGR4-reference transcripts and alternative splicing transcripts LGR4-TV. b Methylation levels of the LGR4 gene exon 5 region. c Relative mRNA expression levels of LGR4-reference and LGR4-TV transcripts. d The relative exon inclusion levels of the LGR4 gene exon 5

Note: In (d), the relative exon inclusion level was calculated by dividing the amount of the inclusion isoform with the amount of the skipping isoform

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