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Table 3 Python packages used in the GenomeQC web-application and standalone application

From: GenomeQC: a quality assessment tool for genome assemblies and gene structure annotations

Python package Short Description
Sys, os, argparse, re, traceback, subprocess, collections [28] Standard libraries and modules that are distributed with the python installation. These packages provide access to system-specific parameters and functions, functionality to interact with the operating systems, parse command line arguments, etc.
Bio [29] Provides functionality for computation of biological sequence data
Statistics [30] Provides functionality for mathematical computation
Numpy [31] Fundamental package for scientific computing
Bio.Blast.Applications [13] Provides the NCBI BLAST command line utility for python
Iglob [32] Package to find files in the directory through pattern matching
Pandas [33] Python library for data analysis and manipulation
Plotly.offline plotly.graph_objs [34] Python package for creating interactive plots
Matplotlib [35] Provides plotting functionality to python for data visualization
email.mime.text, email.mime.application
email.mime.multipart, smtplib [36]
Python package that provides email handling functionality to python