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Fig. 4

From: Comparative genomics analysis of c-di-GMP metabolism and regulation in Microcystis aeruginosa

Fig. 4

Phylogenetic analysis of M. aeruginosa strains. (a) PGL analysis of genes family involved in c-di-GMP signaling based on 31 conserved marker genes phylogenetic tree. Corresponding genes families are indicated their presence (in purple) or absence (in white) in the order as shown in the table at upper-left corner. (b) Maximum likelihood phylogenetic tree based on multilocus sequence analysis of concatenated conserved sensory domain sequences from 24 M. aeruginosa strains genomes using MEGA X. Bootstrap values above 90% are shown at the branch nodes (1000 replicates). The scale bar represents 0.005 amino acid substitutions per site. (c) Pan phylogenetic tree based on the pan-genome presence/absence matrix of the 24 M. aeruginosa genomes generated by BPGA pipeline. The scale bar at the base of the tree indicates time period in millions of years (MYA). Strains highlighted in blue represent that they do not possess REC-GGDEF domain containing DGC

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