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Table 2 Average runtime (seconds) on 1000-species datasets with high ILS, using NJst starting trees and ASTRAL constraint trees

From: Unblended disjoint tree merging using GTM improves species tree estimation

10 Exons (n=20)0.47X655
10 Introns (n=20)0.55X524
25 Exons (n=20)0.46X504
25 Introns (n=20)0.46X509
1000 Exons (n=20)0.471950N/A
1000 Introns (n=20)0.471879N/A
  1. The value for n is the number of replicates being compared, where both GTM and TreeMerge finished. NJMerge and TreeMerge timings were unavailable for 1000 genes. NJMerge failed on all 10 and 25-gene high ILS replicates