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Table 5 Comparison of average runtime (seconds) of NJst-ASTRAL-GTM and ASTRAL for low ILS conditions with introns on 1000 species

From: Unblended disjoint tree merging using GTM improves species tree estimation

10 Genes (n=20)  
25 Genes (n=20)  
1000 Genes (n=19)  
  1. The value for n is the number of replicates being compared (i.e., where ASTRAL trees are available). Pre-GTM covers computing gene trees using FastTree, the NJst starting tree, and ASTRAL subset trees; the gap between “total" and “ASTRAL" for the right hand column reflects the time to compute gene trees using FastTree, which is 3.9 seconds per gene. Results for the 1000-gene ASTRAL trees are taken from the NJMerge study [3]