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Table 2 The top five high-frequency codons

From: Analysis of codon usage patterns in citrus based on coding sequence data

Citrus Species codon(RSCU) N
Atlantia buxifolia AGA(1.93) GCT(1.70) GTT(1.68) TCT(1.61) TTG(1.55) 15
Fortunella hindsii AGA(1.89) GCT(1.62) GTT(1.63) TCT(1.56) TTG(1.54) 11
Citrus grandis AGA(1.93) GCT(1.65) GTT(1.65) TCT(1.56) TTG(1.54) 11
Citrus sinensis AGA(1.96) GCT(1.66) GTT(1.65) TCT(1.57) TTG(1.54) 12
Citrus medica AGA(1.95) GCT(1.66) GTT(1.66) TCT(1.58) TTG(1.54) 14
C.reticulata ‘Mangshan’ AGA(1.97) GCT(1.66) GTT(1.66) TCT(1.57) TTG(1.55) 13
Citrus ichangensis AGA(1.95) GCT(1.66) GTT(1.65) TCT(1.57) TTG(1.54) 13
Citrus clementina AGA(1.94) GCT(1.66) GTT(1.65) TCT(1.57) TTG(1.55) 13
  1. N: the number of high-frequency codons of each citrus species