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Table 2 KEGG pathway annotation of the specifically expanded gene families of Glyptelasma gigas

From: Comparative transcriptomic analysis of deep- and shallow-water barnacle species (Cirripedia, Poecilasmatidae) provides insights into deep-sea adaptation of sessile crustaceans

PathwayDEGs genes with pathway annotation (75)All genes with pathway annotation (5147)P valueQ valuePathway ID
Focal adhesion20 (26.67%)196 (3.81%)2.01E-121.17E-11ko04510
ECM-receptor interaction19 (25.33%)79 (1.53%)5.14E-191.80E-17ko04512
PI3K-Akt signaling pathway20 (26.67%)194 (3.77%)1.65E-121.16E-11ko04151
Glycosaminoglycan biosynthesis-chondroitin sulfate6 (8%)26 (0.51%)1.43E-066.25E-06ko00532
Hippo signaling pathway10 (13.33%)109 (2.12%)3.14E-061.10E-05ko04391
Axon guidance6 (8%)95 (1.85%)2.43E-036.56E-03ko04360