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Table 2 Genomic positions of candidate ICRs and imprinted genes deduced in this report

From: Discovering candidate imprinted genes and imprinting control regions in the human genome

chr5:179,233,001-179,234,500 MGAT4B
chr6:151,711,301-151,713,300 ZBTB2
chr6:143,832,201-143,833,400 FUCA2
chr6:139,693,901-139,695,200 CITED2
chr6:157,098,501-157,101,000 ARID1B* and LOC115308161
chr6:150,584,501-150,586,000 PPP1R14C and possibly IYD
chr6:147,829,201-147,830,300 SAMD5
chr7:158,621,001-158,622,500 ESYT2
chr7:130,418,401-130,419,500 KLF14$
chr7:128,045,491-128,046,440 IMPDH1
chr10:118,896,501-118,897,800 VAX1
  1. * A known imprinted gene in mouse [29]
  2. $ a known human imprinted gene [30]