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Table 5 The biological function enrichment analysis of the three protein-protein interaction (PPI) hub network modules

From: Identification of key genes and pathways associated with feed efficiency of native chickens based on transcriptome data via bioinformatics analysis

ModuleDatabaseGO term / pathwayB-H P-valueGenesa
Module 1GOCell activation3.13E-06PTPRC, SPI1, IKZF1, RAC2, DOCK2, PTPN6, PLEK, DOCK8, TLR4, ITGB2
Immune system process5.23E-06PTPRC, SPI1, IKZF1, BLK, RAC2, CCR2, DOCK2, PTPN6, PLEK, IL16, DOCK8, TLR4, ITGB2
Leukocyte activation7.68E-06PTPRC, SPI1, IKZF1, RAC2, DOCK2, PTPN6, DOCK8, TLR4, ITGB2
KEGGPhagosome0.024684CTSS, TLR4, ITGB2
Cell adhesion molecules (CAMs)0.024684PTPRC, VCAM1, ITGB2
Module 2GOCellular respiration1.35E-09ND4L, ND4, ND5, ND1, COX3, CYTB
ATP synthesis coupled electron transport1.63E-09ND4L, ND4, ND5, COX3, CYTB
ATP metabolic process2.70E-09ATP6, ND4L, ND4, ND5, COX3, CYTB
KEGGOxidative phosphorylation1.85E-08ATP6, ND3, ND4L, ND4, ND1
Metabolic pathways0.001906ATP6, ND3, ND4L, ND4, ND1
Module 3GORegulation of actin filament length7.35E-10DSTN, WDR1, ARPC5, GMFB, ARPC1B, ACTR3
Regulation of actin polymerization or depolymerization7.35E-10DSTN, WDR1, ARPC5, GMFB, ARPC1B, ACTR3
Actin polymerization or depolymerization9.09E-10DSTN, WDR1, ARPC5, GMFB, ARPC1B, ACTR3
KEGGSalmonella infection0.002892ARPC5, ARPC1B
Regulation of actin cytoskeleton0.010779ARPC5, ARPC1B
  1. a Up-regulated genes in LRFI birds are highlighted in bold and down-regulated genes in normal typeface