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Table 4 The frequencies and associations of the VRTN mutation (g.20311_20312ins291) with teat number in two Duroc pig populations

From: Genome-wide association analyses identify known and novel loci for teat number in Duroc pigs using single-locus and multi-locus models

PopulationNo. of animalsGenotype frequency aAllele frequencyPhenotypic value bR2 (%)P-value
American Duroc14960.66 (988)0.31 (460)0.03 (48)0.820.1810.90 ± 1.0010.77 ± 0.9710.56 ± 0.790.500.032
Canadian Duroc20250.24 (479)0.51 (1034)0.25 (512)0.490.5111.42 ± 1.2210.86 ± 1.0610.54 ± 1.027.806.81E-20
  1. aFrequency of each genotype and the mutant allele (ins) associated with increased teat number at the VRTN mutation site are shown in this table. The number of pigs within each genotype is given in parentheses b Phenotypic values are shown in mean ± standard deviation