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Table 8 Five most frequently occurring genus in each community and each response (first analysis of David’s data)

From: Hierarchical non-negative matrix factorization using clinical information for microbial communities

label Donor B
community 1 2
  Bacteroides Bacteroides
  Faecalibacterium Faecalibacterium
  Lachnospiraceae Alistipes
  Anaerostipes Butyrivibrio
  Phascolarctobacterium Coprococcus_2
label Donor A
community 1 2
  Faecalibacterium EscherichiaShigella
  Anaerostipes Bacteroides
  Blautia Salmonella
  Subdoligranulum Clostridium_sensu_stricto_1
  Erysipelotrichaceae_UCG-003 Veillonella
label Donor A
community 3 4
  Bacteroides Erysipelotrichaceae_UCG-003
  Faecalibacterium Blautia
  Parabacteroides Anaerostipes
  Phascolarctobacterium Faecalibacterium
  Ruminiclostridium_5 Subdoligranulum