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Table 4 Joint QTL analysis results for pleiotropic QTL in clusters

From: QTL mapping of root traits in wheat under different phosphorus levels using hydroponic culture

Cluster Trait P Level Chromosome Marker interval Physical intervala (Mb) Pr(>|t|)b Adjusted R2
C1 SDW H 3D AX-110036411-AX-109917936 559.77–566.72 0.02* 0.38
RTN H      
C2 RV C 4B AX-109491270-AX-108815849 21.48–21.79 0.05* 0.12
RRS H      
C3 RDW L 4D AX-109816583-AX-109478820 16.64–30.66 0.15, 0.18 0.18, 0.12
RRS C, L      
C4 RL L 6B AX-94471535-AX-95094583 704.88–711.76 0.7 0.75
RTN L      
C5 RL H 7A AX-109955164-AX-109445593 116.62–122.18 0.68, 0.55, 0.71 0.76, 0.90, 0.74
RTN H      
ROSA H      
C6 RL H 7A AX-109966788-AX-94819074 725.54–134.54 0.037* 0.12
RTN L      
C7 RL L 7B AX-109289805-AX-95025477 700.83–705.84 0.8 0.75
RTN L      
  1. * Indicates significance at P < 0.05
  2. a Physical positions of SNP markers based on wheat genome sequences from the International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium (IWGSC,
  3. b Significance of t-values at P < 0.05
  4. Abbreviations: C control, L low P treatment, H high P treatment, RL root length, RV root volume, RD root diameter, RTN root tip number, ROSA root surface area, SDW shoot dry weight, RDW root dry weight, TDW total dry weight, RRS ratio of root to shoot dry weight