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Table 2 The biological process related to growth and development

From: Study on the transcriptome for breast muscle of chickens and the function of key gene RAC2 on fibroblasts proliferation

Group GO accession Description Correctedp-value DEGs number Growth related genes
M4FvsM12F GO:0030036 actin cytoskeleton organization 4.66E-10 134 ACTA1; FGF7; MYL1; TGFB1; MYH9; MEF2A
GO:0001816 cytokine production 7.94E-07 102 TGFB1; MAPK11; IRF4; PRKCD; IRF8
GO:0051493 regulation of cytoskeleton organization 3.02E-06 91 FGF13; TGFB1; MYL1; PAK3; KIF18A; ACTN2
GO:0007010 cytoskeleton organization 1.26E-05 215 FGF13; FGF7; TGFB1; ACTA1; MYH9; MYL1
GO:0008283 cell proliferation 0.000199 249 MYDGF; ING5; FGF7; TGFB1; IGF2; NGFR; IGFBP4; IGF2BP1
GO:0007165 signal transduction 0.000229 643 WNT5B; MEF2C; MEF2A; GDF8; GDF3; GFI1; MYDGF; ING5; FGF13; IGFBP4
GO:0003012 muscle system process 0.00951 59 MYL1; MYLK2; FGF13; TNNT3; TNNC2; MEF2C; MSTN
GO:0048869 cellular developmental process 0.023947 477 GDF3; GAS1; TGFB1; IGF2BP1; GFI1; ACTA1; MYH9; WNT9A; WNT5B
GO:0061061 muscle structure development 0.034591 89 TGFB1; MYH9; ACTA1; BTG1; MEF2C; MEF2A; MEF2D; MSTN
M8FvsM12F GO:0001816 cytokine production 2.39E-09 122 TGFB3; TGFBR2; TGFB1; WNT5A; TGFB3
GO:0030036 actin cytoskeleton organization 1.22E-09 147 MYH9; ACTN1; ARHGAP35; MEF2A; TGFB1; FGF7
GO:0008283 cell proliferation 6.81E-06 290 MSTN; MEF2C; TGFB1; TGFBR2; WNT2; WNT5A; WNT9A; IGF2; IGFBP4; IGF2BP1
GO:0032956 regulation of actin cytoskeleton organization 1.35E-05 72 TGFB3; TGFB1; TGFBR2; ACTN2; MEF2C; MYL1;
GO:0048731 system development 0.008234 588 MSTN; IGF2BP1; MEF2A; MEF2C; MEF2D; WNT5A; WNT2; WNT9A; MYH9
GO:0048513 organ development 0.004239 445 MSTN; WNT2; WNT9A; WNT16; IGF2BP1; MEF2A; MEF2C; MYH9
GO:0051094 positive regulation of developmental process 0.02081 189 WNT9A; TGFBR2; TGFB1; TGFB3; WNT5A; IGF2BP1; MEF2C;
GO:0032502 developmental process 0.026142 756 MSTN; GDF3; MEF2A; MEF2C; MEF2D; MYH9; MYL2K; TGFB1; TGFB3; TGFBR3
GO:0061061 muscle structure development 0.041363 99 WNT2; TGFB1; MEF2A; WNT5A; MEF2D; MSTN; MYH9; ACTN1
GO:0048869 cellular developmental process 0.042022 539 MSTN; GDF3; IGF2BP1; TGFB1; TGFB3; TGFBR2; MYH9
  1. Note:M4F: Breast muscle of male chickens at 4 weeks; M8F: Breast muscle of male chickens at 8 weeks; M12F: Breast muscle of male chickens at 12 weeks