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Table 2 Number of loci detected in previously reported GWAS or GWAMA of birth weight and the overlap with results generated from applying the modified WaveQTL to the MoBa dataset

From: A fast wavelet-based functional association analysis replicates several susceptibility loci for birth weight in a Norwegian population

Sample size Number of Overlap Study name Year Reference
  reported loci     
9,063 5 NA This study 2021 NA
27,591 2 1 Freathy et al. 2010 [21]
61,142 7 3 Horikoshi et al. 2013 [16]
153,781 60 4 Horikoshi et al. 2016 [16]
230,069 190 5 Warrington et al. 2019 [1]
  1. The column “Sample Size” corresponds to the sample size of the GWAS or GWAMA. The column “Number of reported loci” corresponds to the number of loci replicated in each GWAMA. The column “Overlap” corresponds to the number of loci in the GWAMA that overlaps with the five loci reported in our current analyses. The column “Study name” displays the name of the first author for each GWAS or GWAMA and “Year” corresponds to the publication year of the GWAS or GWAMA. All the reported loci in previous GWAMAs have been reported in the largest GWAMA of BW to date by Warrington et al. [1]