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Table 5 Sampling information for the 12 Distylium samples

From: Chloroplast phylogenomic insights into the evolution of Distylium (Hamamelidaceae)

Species Plant DNA bank of China Collection locality
Distylium dunnianum ENC850210 Rouan, Guangxi, China
Distylium myricoides ENC850213 Jinggangshan, Jiangxi, China
Distylium macrophyllum ENC850214 Rongshui Guangxi, China
Distylium chinese ENC850215 Ruanling, Hunan, China
Distylium racemosum ENC850217 Wuhu, Anhui, China
Distylium pingpienense ENC850218 Napo, Guangxi, China
Distylium buxifolium ENC850220 Shibing, Guizhou, China
Distylium gracile ENC850222 Yilan, Taiwan, China
Distylium cuspidatum ENC850224 Funing, Yunnan, China
Distylium lepidoium ENC850418 Japan
Distylium lepidoium ENC850420 Japan
Distylium elaeagnoides ENC850421 Jianghua, Hunan, China