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Table 1 The table shows the number of lncRNAs conserved between humans and mice. Among the 57 RNAs, 15 are lncRNAs, and the remainder are e-lncRNAs and p-lncRNAs annotated by FANTOM database. The function column shows the gene ontology of the genes associated with lncRNAs in the TAD. The functional annotation reveals that all of the identified lncRNAs are involved in developmental processes. However, some of the lncRNAs are involved in muscle development, and a few are involved in chromatin organization

From: Identification of the conserved long non-coding RNAs in myogenesis

Type of RNA Number Function
Developmental process Muscle development
e-lncRNA, p-lncRNA 42 17 29 7
lncRNA 15 5 15 1