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Table 4 Number of genotyped samples with (a) the 96-SNP panel and (b) the Illumina CanineHD BeadChip, as well as the number of individuals included in the analyses after removal of samples with low genotyping success and construction of consensus genotypes from repeatedly genotyped individuals. See Table S5 for a complete sample list

From: Reliable wolf-dog hybrid detection in Europe using a reduced SNP panel developed for non-invasively collected samples

a) 96-SNP panel dataset    
Species Sampling location Genotyped samples (n) Analyzed individuals (n)
Gray wolf Germany 117 100
Germany (immigrants from Alps/Italy) 9 7
Romania 28 21
Finland 65 61
Russia 5 4
Captive (Germany) 4 4
Dog Germany 39 38
Romania 2 2
Wolf-dog hybrid Germany 4 3
Romania 1 1
Czech Republic 1 1
Finland 7 7
Golden jackal Germany 3 3
Fox Germany 4 3
b) Illumina CanineHD BeadChip datasets   
Species Sampling location (n) Analyzed individuals (n)
Gray wolf Italy 70  
Iberian Peninsula 25  
Dog Finland 274