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Table 1 Predicted binding sites for potential upstream regulators of the differentially expressed genes identified by RNA-seq. PWM ID indicates positional weight matrix ID of a predicted binding site and E-values refer to matching similarity between the predicted motif sequences and the PWM IDs. The count implies on number of genes containing the predicted motif sequence on their regulatory region

From: Transcriptomics unravels molecular players shaping dorsal lip hypertrophy in the vacuum cleaner cichlid, Gnathochromis permaxillaris

TF binding site PWM ID Count Predicted motif sequence E-value
HEB M00698 97 / 106 CCTGCTG 1.119e-09
FOXP1 M00987 81 / 106 AAATAAANAACAAAAAAAAWA 4.441e-16
SMAD3 M00701 72 / 106 ACASASASACASACA 2.28E-07
HEB M00698 41 / 106 KCCMRGCTGVCTGS 3.51E-07
FOX M00809 3.061E-08