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Table 1 Significant SNP associations with vernalisation response in diverse B. oleracea accessions, detected across the genome (FDR < 0.05), including model information

From: Validation of a novel associative transcriptomics pipeline in Brassica oleracea: identifying candidates for vernalisation response

Marker information Association information Model information
Marker Chromosome Alleles -Log10(p) Marker R2 Traits Arabidopsis ID Orthologue Model Population structure correction
Bo6g103650.1:2010:T C06 C/T/Y 6.4017787 0.39231 6P 12 V 10 °C DTB AT1G67140.3 SWEETIE GLM Q-Matrix
Bo9g179000.1:2589:G C09 G/T/K 6.4077566 0.39662 6P 12 V 10 °C DTB AT5G04240.1 ELF6 GLM Q-Matrix
Bo1g011280.1:786:A C01 A/T/W 6.0844894 0.44220 10P 12 V 5 °C DTF AT4G31490.1 Coatomer, beta subunit GLM Q-Matrix
Bo7g026810.1:124:G C07 A/G/R 4.7781947 0.36476 6P 12 V 10 °C DTF AT2G05790.1 O-Glycosyl hydrolases family 17 protein GLM PCA
Bo7g104810.1:204:T C07 A/T/W 5.9788107 0.41678 10P 6 V 15–5 °C DTB AT3G55512 mir172D GLM Q-Matrix
Bo2g009460.1:894:T C02 C/T 7.6880767 0.40565 10P 6 V 5 °C DTF - DTB AT5G10140.4 FLC.C2 GLM Q-Matrix