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Table 1 Assembly and annotation summary statistics of the red form of T. urticae

From: Comparative genome and transcriptome analyses reveal innate differences in response to host plants by two color forms of the two-spotted spider mite Tetranychus urticae

  T. urticae (red)
Total scaffold number 144
Total scaffold length (Mb) 90.11
Scaffold N50 length (Mb) 12.78
Scaffold N90 length (Mb) 3.82
Longest length of scaffold (Mb) 22.75
GC (%) 32.33
Assembly BUSCO (%)
 C 92.2
 S 87.1
 D 5.1
 F 1.2
 M 6.5
Mapping rate (%)
 RNA-seq data 96.61
 Illumina data 96.95
 PacBio data 92.76
Gene annotations (number/length)
 Genes 11,917
 Gene mean length (bp) 3891.9
 CDSs 11,917
 CDS mean length (bp) 1487.2
 Exons 47,355
 Exon mean length (bp) 600.1
 Introns 31,730
 Intron mean length (bp) 565.67