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Table 1 Summary of the germline Vγ subgroups retrieved from genomic sequences of red jungle fowl (GRCg6a)

From: Characterization of the chicken T cell receptor γ repertoire by high-throughput sequencing

Vγ subgroup Vγ gene Functional Total
Vγ1 Vγ1.1ORFa, Vγ1.2, Vγ1.3, ψVγ1.4b, Vγ1.5ORF, Vγ1.6 3 6
Vγ2 Vγ2.1, Vγ2.2, Vγ2.3, Vγ2.4, Vγ2.5, Vγ2.6, ψVγ2.7,
Vγ2.8, ψVγ2.9, ψVγ2.10, ψVγ2.11, Vγ2.12,
Vγ2.13, Vγ2.14, Vγ2.15, Vγ2.16, Vγ2.17,
Vγ2.18ORF, Vγ2.19
14 19
Vγ3 Vγ3.1, Vγ3.2, Vγ3.3, Vγ3.4, ψVγ3.5, Vγ3.6, Vγ3.7, Vγ3.8, Vγ3.9 8 9
Vγ4 Vγ4.1, Vγ4.2, Vγ4.3, ψVγ4.4 3 4
Vγ5 ψVγ5.1, ψVγ5.2, ψVγ5.3 0 3
Vγ6 ψVγ6.1, ψVγ6.2, ψVγ6.3 0 3
Total   28 44
  1. a,bThe marks “ORF” and “ψ” are interpreted as Fig. 1