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Table 2 Intergenomic digital DNA-DNA hybridization and average nucleotide identity values between Clostridium isolates and their closest phylogenetic neighbours

From: Culture and genome-based analysis of four soil Clostridium isolates reveal their potential for antimicrobial production

Isolate Subject strain dDDH (CI) in % Two-way ANI (%)
FS01 Paraclostridium bifermentans ATCC638 83.2 (79.9–86.1) 96.24
FS2.2 Clostridium cadaveris AGR2141 90.2 (87-92.7) 99.61
FS03 Terrisporobacter glycolicus ATCC14880 66.8 (63.4–70.0) 92.48
  Terrisporobacter glycolicus DSM1288 66.8 (63.4–70.1) 92.52
FS04 Clostridium senegalense JC122 86.6 (83.5–89.2) 95.38
  1. CI confidence intervals; ANI average nucleotide identity; dDDH digital DNA-DNA hybridization