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Table 1 Target genes of clock-controlled miRNAs involved in ion transfer during eggshell calcification

From: Circadian miR-449c-5p regulates uterine Ca2+ transport during eggshell calcification in chickens

miRNAs Target genes Transfer type
gga-miR-218-5p NPAS2, CA2
Catalyse HCO3 formation (plasma membrane)
Inward rectifiers K+ channels (plasma membrane)
gga-miR-449c-5p ATP2B4
Ca2+/H+ exchanger (plasma membrane)
Ca2+ channel (endoplasmic membrane)
gga-miR-34b-5p ATP2B4 Ca2+/H+ exchanger (plasma membrane)
gga-miR-1727 TRPV4/5 Ca2+ channel (plasma membrane)
gga-miR-32-3p KCNH1
Inward rectifiers K+ channels (plasma membrane)
Na+/HCO3 co-transporters (plasma membrane)
gga-miR-126-3p SPRED1