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Table 2 Three neuropeptide families (#1–3) identified in ten hydrozoan species, belonging to the order Anthoathecata: Dynamena pumila, Porpita porpita, Velella velella, Hydractinia symbiolongicarpus, Podocoryna carnea, Turritopsis sp., Millepora alcicornis, Millepora squarrosa, Millepora complanata, and Millepora sp. Only those neuropeptides that have multiple identical or similar copies on their preprohormones are listed and of these only those with the highest copy numbers are given. If more than one gene codes for the peptides, this is highlighted in blue in the last column. The amino acid sequences of the preprohormones are shown in Additional file 1 to Additional file 3. A-RFamide means Antho-RFamide [20]

From: An evolutionary genomics view on neuropeptide genes in Hydrozoa and Endocnidozoa (Myxozoa)