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Table 2 Transcripts that were unique to each Pinus radiata plant part in the constitutive transcriptome as assessed at T0 (sampled before treatment). The Scion transcript code, predicted gene name and predicted functions of the known genes are indicated

From: Analysis of the transcriptome of the needles and bark of Pinus radiata induced by bark stripping and methyl jasmonate

Scion transcript code Gene name Gene function
Transcripts expressed in the needles but not in the bark at T0
 NZPradTrx008090_C01 Unknown  
 NZPradTrx102814_C01 Hypothetical protein 0_2136_01  
 NZPradTrx114705_C04 PREDICTED: uncharacterized LOC101213828  
 NZPradTrx119356_C01 Repetitive proline-rich cell wall protein 2 precursor, putative Key determinant of many cell wall proteins
 NZPradTrx138443_C01 Unknown  
Transcripts expressed in the bark but not in the needles at T0
 NZPradTrx105287_C05 Chloroplast ELIP early light-induced protein Prevents photooxidative stress (Hutin et al. 2003)
 NZPradTrx068786_C02 Unknown  
 NZPradTrx110900_C02 Unknown  
 NZPradTrx158724_C01 Unknown  
 NZPradTrx111161_C02 Embryo-abundant protein May act as a cytoplasm protectant during desiccation.
 NZPradTrx032755_C01 Unknown  
 NZPradTrx054373_C01 Unknown  
 NZPradTrx151188_C01 Unknown  
 NZPradTrx007008_C01 Unknown  
 NZPradTrx069030_C01 Unknown  
 NZPradTrx081218_C01 Unknown  
 NZPradTrx154223_C01 PREDICTED: tetrahydrocannabinolic acid synthase-like Catalyzes the oxidative cyclization of the monoterpene moiety in cannabigerolic acid
 NZPradTrx189870_C01 Uninformative