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Table 3 Links to publicly available datasets

From: The EurOPDX Data Portal: an open platform for patient-derived cancer xenograft data sharing and visualization

Institute (acronym) Cancer Type (data set acronym) Relevant PDX Models Link to data
Curie Institute - Preclinical Investigation Laboratory, France Ovarian Cancer (Curie-OV) OV10, OV14
OV16, OV54
Luxembourg Institute of Health - NORLUX laboratory Glioma (LIH) T16, T192, T233, T251, T341, T347, T470, T476, T591, T384
TRACE - Patient Derived Tumor Xenograft Platform, KU Leuven and UZ Leuven, Belgium Breast Cancer, Cutaneous Melanoma, Uterine Cancer (TRACE) MEL0029LY
Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology, Spain Colorectal Cancer (VHIO-CRC) M001, M043
University Medical Center Groningen, Netherlands Ovarian Cancer (UMCG) UMCGOVPDX81, UMCGOVPDX68a, UMCGOVPDX37, UMCGOVPDX56, UMCGOVPDX84, UMCGOVPDX70, UMCGOVPDX79, UMCGOVPDX36