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Table 1 HierBAPS groups and their representative subclade(s) based on the human mtDNA U5 haplogroup

From: Evolution and dispersal of mitochondrial DNA haplogroup U5 in Northern Europe: insights from an unsupervised learning approach to phylogeography

hierBAPS Groups Broad haplogroup (4-digits) Major Subclade(s) or Haplogroups Specific Haplogroups Included N %
I U5a2 U5a2, U5a2b, U5a2c, U5a2d U5a2, U5a2 + 16294 T, U5a2b, U5a2b1a, U5a2b1b, U5a2b1c, U5a2b1d, U5a2b2, U5a2b2a, U5a2b3, U5a2b3a, U5a2b3a1, U5a2b4, U5a2b4a, U5a2c, U5a2c1, U5a2c3a, U5a2c4, U5a2d, U5a2d1, U5a2d1a 90 10.3
II U5a2 U5a2e U5a2e 11 1.3
III U5a1 U5a1, U5a1g, U5a1i U5a1, U5a1b, U5a1b + 16362C, U5a1b1, U5a1b1a, U5a1b1b, U5a1b1b1, U5a1b1c, U5a1b1c1, U5a1b1c2, U5a1b1d + 16093C, U5a1b1d1, U5a1b1e, U5a1b1g, U5a1b1h, U5a1b2, U5a1b3, U5a1b3a, U5a1b3a1, U5a1b4, U5a1d, U5a1d1, U5a1e, U5a1f1a, U5a1f2, U5a1g, U5a1g1, U5a1i, U5a1i1 U5a1j 128 14.6
IV U5b1 + U5b3 U5b1, U5b1a, U5b1d, U5b1f, U5b1i, U5b3 U5b1, U5b1a, U5b1d1a, U5b1d1b, U5b1d1c, U5b1d2, U5b1f, U5b1f1, U5b1f1a, U5b1i, U5b3, U5b3a1a, U5b3a2, U5b3b1, U5b3b2, U5b3e, U5b3h 44 5
V U5b1 + U5b3 U5b1 + 16189C!, U5b1b, U5b1c U5b1 + 16189C!, U5b1b, U5b1b2, U5b1b2a, U5b1b2b, U5b1c, U5b1c1a, U5b1c1a1, U5b1c2, U5b1c2a, U5b1c2b 72 8.2
VI U5a1 U5a1a2 U5a1a2, U5a1a2a, U5a1a2a1, U5a1a2a1a, U5a1a2b1 26 3
VII U5a1 U5a1h U5a1h 7 0.8
IX U5a1 U5a1d2 U5a1d2a, U5a1d2a1, U5a1d2b 18 2.1
X U5a1 U5a1c U5a1c 28 3.2
XI U5a1 U5a1a1 U5a1a1, U5a1a1a, U5a1a1b, U5a1a1c, U5a1a1d, U5a1a1h, U5a1a1i 89 10.2
XII U5b2 U5b2a U5b2a, U5b2a1b, U5b2a3, U5b2a3a, U5b2a4, U5b2a4a, U5b2a5, U5b2a5a, U5b2a6 25 2.9
XIII U5b2 U5b2, U5b2c U5b2, U5b2c1, U5b2c2, U5b2c2b 11 1.3
XIV U5b2 U5b2a2 U5b2a2, U5b2a2a1, U5b2a2b, U5b2a2b1, U5a2a2c 29 3.3
XV U5b2 U5b2b U5b2b, U5b2b2, U5b2b3a1a, U5b2b4, U5b2b4a, U5b2b5 19 2.2
XVI U5b2 U5b2b1 U5b2b1a, U5b2b1a1, U5b2a1a2, U5b2b1b 10 1.1
XVII U5b1 + U5b3 U5b1b1a U5b1b1a, U5b1b1a1, U5b1b1a1a, U5b1b1a1a1, U5b1b1a1b, U5b1b1a2, U5b1b1a3 83 9.3
XVIII U5b1 + U5b3 U5b1b1 U5b1b1, U5b1b1 + 152C!, U5b1b1b, U5b1b1d, U5b1b1e, U5b1b1f, U5b1b1g1, U5b1b1g1a 39 4.5
XIX U5b2 U5b2a1a + 16311 T! U5b2a1a + 16311 T!, U5b2a1a1, U5b2a1a1a, U5b2a1a1d 32 3.7
XX U5b2 U5b2a1a2 U5b2a1a2 5 0.6
XXI U5a2 U5a2a U5a2a, U5a2a1, U5a2a1 + 152C!, U5a2a1a, U5a2a1b, U5a2a1b1, U5a2a1c, U5a2a1e 70 8
XXII U5a2 U5a2a2a U5a2a2a 8 0.9
XXIII U5b1 + U5b3 U5b1e1 U5b1e1, U5b1e1a 25 2.9
XXIV U5b1 + U5b3 U5b1e1 (+ T8337C) U5b1e1 (+ T8337C) 6 0.7