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Table 2 Examples of enriched gene ontologies and associated genes involved in neural plasticity and activity that were up-regulated (p ≤ 0.01) by ocean acidification in the olfactory rosette of F2 European Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) juveniles

From: The extensive transgenerational transcriptomic effects of ocean acidification on the olfactory epithelium of a marine fish are associated with a better viral resistance

GO term Subcategory Number of transcripts Examples of regulated genes
Neuron projection Axon guidance 15 apbb1, cdk5, epha5, epha8, ephb2, kif5c, gap43, sptbn4, tgfb2
  Axon extension 3 cdk5, map1b, sema3a
Intracellular signalling transduction neuroplasticity Neurotrophin TRK receptor sig. pathway 19 adcy6, arhgef7, calm1, erbb4, gab1, kras, ngef, shc1, vav2
  Glutamate signalling pathway 13 gnaq, glur2b, gria1a, gria3b, gria4k, grik2, grik5, grin3a, grind2d
  Ephrin signalling pathway 9 chn1, efna5, ek1, epha5, epha7, epha8, ephb1, ephb2, etk2
  Regulation of synaptic plasticity 22 camk2b, cplx2, grik2, kcnn2, nf1, nptn, shank3, syngr1
Regulation of action potential   21 ank2, ank3, cacna1d, kcnip1, kcnc2, ryr2, scn1a, scn2b
Reg. of the neurotransmitter levels   34 cacna1a, gabra2, napb, nf1, rims1, slc6a13, snap25, stx1a, trpm7
  1. Several transcripts may originate from the same gene. This list is given an example, with no attempt to be exhaustive. See Additional files 5,6,7,8,9, and 10 for an enlarged version that include gene description and associated GO terms. GO Gene Ontology