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Table 4 Brain Significant Modules

From: Transcriptomic analysis provides insights into molecular mechanisms of thermal physiology

Module KEGG Pathway Module Size Hub MM MM Positive MM KEGG Terms in Pathway
ME1_brain Metabolic pathways 393 IDH3B 0.47 26.40% K00323
ME2_brain Tight junction 198 LOC105921153 0.52 28.20% K07198
ME3_brain Lysosome 342 LRCH3 0.58 25.10% K01134
ME4_brain RNA degradation* 142 SI:CH211-244C8.4 0.36 21.10% K03681
  1. Columns include: Module = identifier for module eigengene (ME, first principal component of module), KEGG Pathway = top KEGG pathway determined by number of KEGG terms, Module Size = number of mRNAs in the module, Hub MM = mRNA with highest correlation with module eigengene, MM = correlation of hub mRNA with module eigengene, Positive MM = proportion of mRNAs with positive MM in the module, KEGG Terms in Pathway = enriched KEGG terms in the listed KEGG pathway
  2. *Indicates modules where more than one KEGG Pathway had the same number of enriched KEGG terms, in which case the most informative KEGG pathway was selected