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Table 4 List of libraries used for the comparison of expression levels in the synganglion and in the whole body. Accession: Accession numbers of reads (synganglion libraries, generated for the present study, were deposited as BioProject PRJEB40724, whereas whole body samples correspond to BioProject PRJNA395009, produced in a previous work of our group [26]). Feeding condition: ticks were either unfed (collected on the vegetation) or fed (semi-engorged state of repletion, ticks collected on roe deers for the synganglion libraries and on mice or rabbits for the whole body libraries). Stage/sex: indicates if ticks were female or male (for adults), or nymphs (the sex of nymphs could not be determined). Tissue: libraries were obtained from the dissected synganglion (this study) or from tick whole bodies (already published sequence data)

From: Transcriptome of the synganglion in the tick Ixodes ricinus and evolution of the cys-loop ligand-gated ion channel family in ticks