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Table 10 Putative apoptosis associated genes identified in Aplysia. See Table 1 for table format description

From: In search of the Aplysia immunome: an in silico study

  Required Domains Genes
Name Strict Relaxed count Accessions
AIF IPR029324, IPR023753 IPR029324, IPR036188 1 LOC100533557
Bcl2-like IPR026304, IPR003093 IPR002475 6 See supplemental file SFile3
Caspase IPR015917   8 See supplemental file SFile3
FAIM IPR038513 IPR010695 2 LOC101863121, LOC106012994
HTRA2 IPR041489, IPR001478, IPR001940   1 LOC101848371