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Table 7 Putative immune associated kinase complex genes identified in Aplysia. See Table 1 for table format description. Note that IKKg/NEMO and NAP1 are adapters of canonical and non-cannonical IKK complexes respectively

From: In search of the Aplysia immunome: an in silico study

  Required Domains Genes
Name Strict Relaxed Count Accessions
IRAK IPR035533, IPR000719 IPR011029, IPR000719 2 LOC101845840, LOC101845636
IKKa/b IPR041185, IPR000719   2 LOC101856649, LOC106012158
IKKg/NEMO IPR034735, IPR032419 IPR032419, IPR034735 1 LOC101858005
non-canonical IKK (IKKe/TBK1) IPR000719, IPR041309, IPR041087   2 LOC101853683, LOC101847449
NAP1 IPR019137   1 LOC101852476
MAPKs IPR003527, IPR000719   13 LOC100533304, jnk, LOC101850222, LOC101859802, LOC101859802, LOC100533212
p38 IPR008352, IPR000719   2 LOC100533304, LOC101857669
MAP2Ks IPR000719, IPR008271   5 LOC101850764, LOC101860284, LOC101846645, LOC101846695
ERK1/2 IPR008349, IPR000719   1 LOC100533212
JNK IPR003527, IPR000719, IPR008351   1 jnk
MAP3Ks IPR000719, IPR008271   20 See supplemental file SFile3
ASK IPR043969, IPR025136, IPR000719   1 LOC101862124
TAK1 IPR017421, IPR001245, IPR000719   1 LOC101852077
MK2/ MAPKAPK2 IPR027442, IPR000719, IPR008271   1 LOC101861689
MKP IPR008343   4 LOC101847406, LOC101846654, LOC101852280, LOC101847075
RIOK3 IPR000687, IPR017406   1 LOC101857430
JAK IPR001245, IPR041381, IPR041155, IPR041046 IPR000719, IPR000299 1 LOC101861981