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Table 3 Ten largest contigs in the sbs04 library (mictic females with resting eggs versus mixed stage population of clone 1B4) and the associated BLAST matches.

From: Discovering genes associated with dormancy in the monogonont rotifer Brachionus plicatilis

Signature clone No of clones % of library Uniprot ID Description e value
sbs04P0006D10 63 5.2   Highly repeated protein  
sbs04P0012K23 44 3.6   No match  
sbs04P0011N24 40 3.3   Highly repeated protein  
sbs04P0012K21 30 2.5 Q27ST7 Putative oxidoreductase, Hartmannella veriformis (Amoeba) 1.1 E-49
sbs04P0012B19 28 2.3   No match  
sbs04P0012J17 28 2.3 Q7YW83 Ferritin, Pinctada fucata (Pearl oyster) 7.1 E-25
sbs04P0011G20 27 2.2   Highly repeated protein  
sbs04P0006P13 26 2.2   Highly repeated protein  
sbs04P0011N19 24 2.0 Q000T2 Hsp26, Artemia urmiana (brine shrimp) 3.6 E-7
sbs04P0011H09 22 1.8   No match  
Total 332 27.4    
  1. One clone from each contig is given for EST database identification purposes.