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Figure 4

From: Eukaryotic transcriptomics in silico: Optimizing cDNA-AFLP efficiency

Figure 4

cDNA-AFLP patterning is consistent across all eukaryotes. Arrays of all possible cDNA-AFLP selective PCR combinations for the best (A-F) and worst (G-L) restriction enzyme combinations. Six species per enzyme combination are included. A-F restriction enzymes CviAII and MseI, G-L restriction enzymes HinP1I and MaeI. A/G Arabidopsis thaliana, B/H Drosophila melanogaster, C/I Gallus gallus, D/J Gasterosteus aculeatus, E/K Homo sapiens, F/L Xenopus laevis. Arrowheads pointing to white areas in the arrays indicate primer combinations with GCN-selective base pair motifs, which fail to produce any fragments in a cDNA-AFLP screen with these enzymes (see Discussion).

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