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Table 2 Components in the initial network model

From: Computational prediction of the osmoregulation network in Synechococcus sp. WH8102

Source Synonym Source Symbol Target Synonym Operon DA1 Score Organism
b3404 EnvZ SYNW0807 SYNW0807-0808 1 E. coli
b3405 OmpR SYNW0808 SYNW0807-0808 0.99 E. coli
sll0689 NhaS3 SYNW0157   0.99 PCC6803
sll0493 KtrA SYNW2169 SYNW2165-2170 0.56 PCC6803
slr1509 KtrB SYNW2168 SYNW2165-2170 0.99 PCC6803
slr1508 KtrE SYNW0663 SYNW0663-0667 0.99 PCC6803
b2741 σ38 SYNW1621   1 E. coli
sll0306 RpoD SYNW0102 SYNW0101-0102 1 PCC6803
b0312 BetB SYNW1956   0.99 E. coli
b0314 BetT SYNW0229 SYNW0229-0233 0.99 E. coli
b4111 ProP SYNW2494 SYNW2494-2495   E. coli
b2677 ProV SYNW1915 SYNW1915-1917 0.56 E. coli
b2678 ProW SYNW1916 SYNW1915-1917 0.99 E. coli
b2679 ProX SYNW1917 SYNW1915-1917 0.99 E. coli
AB094497 GsmT SYNW1914    PCC7418
AB094498 SdmT SYNW1913    PCC7418
sll1566 GgpS SYNW1281 SYNW1279-1286 0.99 PCC6803
slr0746 GgpP SYNW0860    PCC6803
slr0747 GgtA SYNW1285 SYNW1279-1286 0.99 PCC6803
slr0530 GgtC SYNW1283 SYNW1279-1286 0.99 PCC6803
slr0531 GgtD SYNW1284 SYNW1279-1286 0.99 PCC6803
ABX75857 GpgS SYNW2436    P.marina
ABX75858 GpgP SYNW2434    P.marina
slr0662 SpeA SYNW2359   0.99 PCC6803
sll0045 Sps SYNW2520   0.69 PCC6803
b0855 PotG SYNW1544   0.99 E. coli
YP_225044 MtrA SYNW2246    C. glut
YP_225045 MtrB SYNW0551    C. glut
  1. 1. DA: domain architecture