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Table 2 Cloned transcripts after BLAST search with domain and predicted function

From: Transcriptional responses in Honey Bee larvae infected with chalkbrood fungus

Gene Name GenBank
Accession Number
Functional domain Predicted Protein Function
↑ similar to Lemur Tyrosine Kinase 3 (PTK) XM_624449 catalytic PTKc_Aatyk, cd05042 signalling/Apoptosis-associated tyrosine kinase (Aatyk)
similar to CG8172-PA, variant 1 XM_393882 Tryp_SPc, cd00190 trypsin like serine protease
↑AmelNPC2-like XM_001120140 NPC_2-like lipid binding protein
↑Hexamerin 70b XP_392868 Hemocyanin_M; Hem_C; Hem_N. larval storage protein
↓26S proteasome non-ATPase regulatory subunit 9 XM_623256.2 PDZ degradation of ubiquitinated proteins and apoptotic cells.
Glycosyl hydrolase 18 -like XM_397146.3 Glyco_18 glycosyl hydrolase/chitinase-like protein
ATP-binding cassette (ABC1) proteins XM_394305.3 ABC_subfamily_A,
ABC-type multi-drug transport system
(SAM-MT)-like 6 XM_623529 pfam08242, Methyltransf_12 transcriptional regulation
↑Sec61 beta subunit XM_001119885   protein transport, hypoxic respond to stress
↑ Ribosomal protein L23 XM_392812.3   Ribosome biogenesis, rRNA processing
↑similar to CG17838-PE, isoform E XM_392307 RNA recognition motif (RRM) mRNA processing, biogenesis
↑6-phosphofructo-2-kinase/fructose-2,6-biphosphatase 1(PFKFB) XM_393453.3   energy metabolism, hypoxic response
Osiris 6 (Osi6) XM_001121541.1 (DUF1676) transmembrane proteins of unknown function
↓Cytochrome b5-related (cyb5) XM_001120985.1   response to oxidative stress